Our Story


Inspired by a French family connection, Wholey Crêpe® was founded in 2011 from a passion for fine food and the unique chemistry of flavour that comes with it. Founders Mark and Rich were also fuelled by the desire to provide a wholesome crêpe recipe for customers, and in doing so came up with a gluten free recipe for those who either need to, or have chosen to sustain themselves with a gluten free diet.  Wholey Crêpe® strive to support and encourage awareness of gluten free living and are proud to provide those with coeliac an alternative option, wherever our mobile crêpe vendors may be. Our employees are all engaging individuals who, like us, promote nutritious living and are always more than happy to explain the ethos behind the Wholey Crêpe®.

Wholey Crêpe® uses a timeless crêpe recipe from Brittany, France with a gluten free twist. With a second, 100% organic and gluten free crêpe recipe on offer too, there’s little argument for you not to order a delicious Wholey Crêpe® from us. Each delicate crêpe is handmade in front of your eyes using a traditional circular hotplate then filled with only the freshest locally-sourced or hand made ingredients. With both savoury and sweet recipes readily available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on our menu.

As a mobile food vendor, Wholey Crêpe® has ensured its crêpes are made for people on the move, allowing our customers to carry on shopping on market day or enjoying events with a traditional French treat in hand to enhance the day. Wholey Crêpe® can often be found at multiple locations across the greater Perth area on weekends, with regular stations at the Farmers Market on Manning, Stirling Farmers Market and a fortnightly stall at Kyilla Community Farmers Market. We have travelled to the Telethon Duck Derby Somerset Festival and the Groat Street Festival, too. If you’d like is to appear at an event you’re organising or provide our services on a catering basis, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Simply contact the Wholey Crêpe® team here.