Customer Loyalty Card – Not Valid

Wholey Crêpe® had a loyalty customer scheme where customers
who presented their Customer Loyalty Card when they purchased
their crêpe have it stamped and used to receive their eleventh crêpe free* to the value of $10.
*Terms and Conditions apply

The Customer Loyalty Card is no longer Valid or Accepted

Terms and Conditions:

We appreciate and respect customer loyalty and in return rewards this by providing a Customer Loyalty Card.  Use of the Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Card implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use;

  1. One stamp is earned for each purchase of a crepe from Wholey Crêpe.
  2. A Wholey Crêpe crêpe is a crêpe that has been cooked by Wholey Crêpe and has not been discounted already.
  3. To redeem a complimentary Crêpe to the value of $10, customers must first purchase ten crepes from Wholey Crêpe and accumulate stamps on the same Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Card.
  4. Customers must present their Wholey Crêpe Loyalty Card upon purchase to receive the appropriate number of stamps.  Stamps will not be issued without the presentation of a valid Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty card.
  5. Once the required total of stamps has been collected, the customer must surrender their fully stamped Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Card to redeem the complimentary crepe.
  6. The Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Card and/or rewards are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  7. Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Cards are valid at farmers markets and regular appearance venues only.  Online, social media, phone, one off events/ promotions and mail orders are not included in this promotion.
  8. Stamps from separate cards can be combined to redeem the complimentary product. All relevant cards must be surrendered.
  9. Stamps will not be issued in the event that a product has already been discounted.
  10. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  11. Wholey Crêpe reserves the right at all times to determine the complimentary crepe to the value of $10 upon surrender of a fully stamped Wholey Crêpe Customer Loyalty Card.